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hello all zep fans everywhere. i have been a zepp fan for as long as i can remember. the first zeppelin song i ever heard was whole lotta love from the song remains.... i have been hooked ever since! unfortunatley i have never seen page/plant live, but i intend to next time around. the last time the toured england i was in austria with my girlfriend, who is not a big fan!! i think she is tone deaf, she must be!!. we saw the stones though, another great english band!! i have been to boleskine house where page lived, and where his sequence of the song.. was filmed. it is very nice. i didnt get to meet jimmy though. better luck next time though!!

Peter Daniels

Northampton, England

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In 1990, when Robert's Manic Nirvana tour came to Greensboro, N.C., I not only got to see a great show with the Black Crowes opening, but I also got to meet Robert afterwards. I had just bought a first pressing of the first album that day, and took it with me just in case I got lucky. After the show, I went around to the stage door to wait and hope. There were only three other people there waiting, so I started to feel good about my chances. After about 30 minutes a van pulled to the gate. I noiced the name of a limo company on the front tag, so I asked who he was here to pick up. "Oh, no one important", he said. I kept asking, and geting the same response, so I asked what he was afraid four people would do. He chuckled and said, "Well, you don't see anythng else around here big enough to take Robert and his hole band to the airport do you?" After another 15 minutes we saw the band members walking toward us, and then there he was, Percy himself. We yelled to him and he came over to us and was very very nice to everyone. When I asked him to sign my album, he took it from me and looked down at it for a moment as if to say, "I remember those days." It is still quite a thrill 7 years later.

Mark Shull

Kernersville NC, USA

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I was lucky enough to have great seats for both Toronto and Buffalo. I waited a long time for Plant and Page to reunite, it's something I won't soon forget. Here's to a new tour come 1997.

Paul Groleau


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Unfortunatly I have never had the pleasure of Led Zep incounter. I just started listening to Zeppelin about a year ago and now they are my favorite band. I'm learning to play many Zep tunes like Stairway, Babe I'm gonna leave, Lemon song, and Over the hills and far away. Jimmy Page is a GOD on the guitar!!!
P.S. Your page is great!!

Kenny G.

Los Osos CA, U.S.A.

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Long Beach Arena; Behind the deviders. stretch Lincoln for John. still dizzy and still stoned. what a blowout boys. Rock and roll forevermore stop.


Bellflower CA, U.S.A.

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My name is Dan and I'm a huge Led Zep fan. I like Physical Graffiti the best and I would say that some of my most favorites (songs) are Traveling Riverside Blues, The Wanton Song, When The Levee Breaks, Dancing Days, The Ocean, and In The Evening. I also like the songs on the Deathwish II soundtrack, and the Scream For Help soundtrack. I got interested in the band in 1977 and I went to a local library to check out the Physical Graffiti tape. I was hooked, and immediately got all the albums. I like Page's work on Presence especially For Your Life and Tea For One. The stereo guitar effect is excellent. I saw Robert Plant in Seattle, Wa. in 1988, and it was a good show. Everybody joined in on In The Evening which was great. I thought there were similarities between Helen Of Troy (On Now & Zen) and Candy Store Rock. The movie, The Song Remains The Same is a great story about the group. The Plant video Mumbo Jumbo is excellent also. I saw the video for Over The Hills And Far Away a few years back and really liked it. When I heard about the '77 concert in Seattle, it was already sold out, but I hope to see Page & Plant in the future.

Dan McDonnell

Web Site

Norwalk CT, USA

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Is it really 2 years since Robert and Jimmy got back together for the"Unledded" recording?
For those of us lucky to witness the great event,the memories will surely last for many years to come... the receiving of the "invite" letter 4 days before the first night's recording, spending £85 getting my acceptance reply delivered by courier by return of post, receiving my official invite confirmation letter the day before the first night saying where and when to meet up, standing by the banks of the River Thames in the heart of London with 100 other Zep invitees hardly believing what we were about to witness, hearing rumours of the press trying to prise tickets away from the devotees for £1000, waiting for what seemed like an eternity for the "officials" to turn up and show us where to go (was it an horrendous hoax?), finally being lead to the recording studio, standing side-by-side with an audience waiting to see a very sad TV magic show at the same studios, almost being strip searched by security on entering the studio (no bootlegging here!!), the buzz of exitement once we were seated, the immense exitement when Robert and Jimmy appeared, all the beautiful women in the front 2 rows (the boys' never change !!), Robert's banter with the audience (why was this edited from the CD and Video?), wishing that they would go on playing all night, then remembering that I also had an invite for the next night's recording.......
was it really 2 years ago !!!

Richard Martin

United Kingdom

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Not much to say, except that while I was sitting outside the Sydney Entertainment Centre, awaiting the arrival of Percy and Pagey, Ibrahim from the Egyptian Ensemble walked past me and said hello. And the day before I had a conversation with Michael Lee's roadie about John Grisham. Very strange. I tried desperately to find Percy, but obviously not hard enough *cry*.


Sydney NSW, Australia

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Madison Square Garden, 26th(My B-day)and 27th. the greatest two nights I ever had 12 years I had dreamed of seeing Led Zep, those days I got half of that dream, and If that is any inclination of what the mighty Zep was like Believe me I was compleatly wrong in what I thought a Zep show was like It was greater than I ever anticipated I must have been right next to you in new york, I managed to sneak to the very front for the entire night of the 27th I was right next to that girl that injured her self on the rail, wonder if you know what I am talking about? Robert was poised directly in front of me most of the night and jimmy was so kind to acknowledge my pleas for attention he got down to one knee and played for me while pointing as if to say this is for you!!! It was truely a dream come true hope to hear from you...


Altoona PA, USA

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Hi! Your description of their show in New York was really touchy for me. Have you heard something about the shows in Brazil?
Wow! It was terrific!!!!! Plant's voice was in great shape and so were Jimmy's hands. I was in Sao Paulo for this show and got a tape from the gig in Rio. In RIo,Jimmy seemed to be somewhat tired and one surprising thing for me: He was slobbering a lot, which by no means happened in Sao Paulo. In SP they had "In the Evening" and "Custard Pie" as the meddley in Whole Lotta Love. In Rio they brought something from The Doors ( I don't remember the name) and simply didn't play In the Evening. So it was: Wanton Song, Bring it on Home, Ramble on, Heartbreaker, No quarter, Hurdy-Gurdy, Gallows Pole, Since I've been....., The Song Remains.., Going to California, Babe I'm gonna Leave you, Whole Lotta Love, Four Sticks (In the evening in SP), Kashmir. Encore: Black Dog and Rock and Roll. Tears rolled down my eyes when, in Rio , during Rock and Roll 40,000 people raised their T-shirts and like helixes, suggested flying with them on the Zep. It was too much!!!!
Best Regards,

Jose Luiz

Sao Paulo, Brazil

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